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During the 2019 winter term I teach Music 1A: Introduction to Music (MW 9:30-11:20) and Music 51: Introduction to Electronic Music (MW12:30-2:45). See the upper menu bar for links to course information and materials.

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Emeritus Faculty

I retired at the end of the spring 2017 term, though I teach some post-retirement classes in the winter quarter. In addition to material related to teaching, I post updates here about my other current activities.

Note that some archived course materials on this website may not be current.

Visit the De Anza College website or contact Music Department faculty members for up-to-date information about the music program.

The Music Performance Groups  PDL project website is still online.


I am also a photographer. Many know my landscape photography, but I also do nature, night, street, and travel photography

My book, California’s Fall Color: A Photographer’s Guide to Autumn in the Sierra (Heyday Books, Berkeley) was published in the summer of 2015.

Two of my night photography prints were accepted into the Nocturnes and Noir exhibit at the Harvey Milk Photo Center in San Francisco, February 11 through April 2, 2017.

For the fifth consecutive year my photography was selected for inclusion in the Yosemite Renaissance exhibit in Yosemite Valley after which the show tours California.

Five of my prints were included in The Great Certainty: Photographs Commemorating 100 Years of National Park Stewardship at the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite Valley in 2016.

In September 2016 I presented book talks at several Bay Area REI stores.

Each October I exhibit at San Francisco Artspan Open Studios with Studio Nocturne SF — a San Francisco Bay Area night photography collective.

De Anza College has a wonderful photography program — consider enrolling in a photography class!

Announcements Regarding Upcoming Schedule

De Anza College is closed for the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday next Monday, January 21, and classes will not meet that day. As a result, my Monday/Wednesday classes meet only once that week, on Wednesday, January 23. This change affects the class calendar as described below and in your online course calendars at this website.

Music 1A: Music Appreciation

  • During Week III, the weekly quiz will be on Wednesday, January 23. (The homework assignment due date has NOT been changed — it is the same day.)
  • Test #1 was originally scheduled for Week IV on Wednesday, January 30. Test #1 has now been rescheduled by delaying it until the following class meeting on Monday, February 4. (This change is indicated in RED in the online class calendar.)
  • The weekly quiz originally scheduled on the new Test #1 date will instead be on Wednesday that week, on February 6.
  • There is no change to homework due dates.

Music 51: Introduction to Electronic Music

  • Because due dates are announced “as we go” in this class, there are no changes to announce at this time. Note that the class will only meet on Wednesday during Week III… so your attendance is extra important that week!

Music 1A: Quiz 1 Scores Posted

I scored your first quizzes today, and I have posted the scores here on the website. To locate view the scores…

  1. Go to the Online Grades menu tab at the top of this page.
  2. Choose “Music 1A Grades 1/14/19” from the drop down menu.
  3. Enter the shared class password (distributed earlier by email and posted in class) in the text box on the screen and click the “submit” button.
  4. When the page redraws go to the Grades on Work in Progress section of the page and click on the Quiz Scores link.
  5. Look up your “grade access code” on the page that appears and read across to the right to find your Quiz 1 (“Q1A”) numeric score (out of six points possible).

I cannot post grades on the quiz yet — just scores. I’ll post letter grades after the retake quiz next week.

Quite a few students have not yet submitted a grade access code. In this case you will see NO ACCESS CODE next to your scores. If so, you’ll need to back up one page and read the instructions on how to submit your proposed grade access code.

Music 1A: Week Two Updates

Welcome to Week 2 of Music 1: Music Appreciation. The following is a quick overview of some things to pay attention to this week.

  1. As will be the case every week for the rest of the term, there is a short quiz at the start of today’s class. Quizzes always take place at 9:30-9:35 (don’t be late!) and focus on the “Study” assignment listed for the previous week in the course calendar. You need to arrive for class a few minutes early with your Scantron form and a #2 pencil.
  2. Speaking of the course calendar here at the website… double-check it for this week’s announcements, assignments, and updates. Do this every week!
  3. The first listening assignment is due at the start of class this Wednesday. You can find a link to the assignment in — you guessed it! — the course calendar. Click the link, print out the form in its entirety, hand-write your answers on the printed assignment sheet, and turn in at the start of the next class. Print it now if you haven’t already done so. (Assignments are late if you aren’t in class when I collect them at the  start of the period. I do not accept late listening assignments, so if you aren’t here to turn it in you won’t get credit… unless you also email me a copy (photo, .pdf, etc.) of the completed assignment by 9:30 AM on the day it is due, and then turn in the printed copy as soon as possible.)
  4. The first updates to the concert list will be later this week. You can start watching the list to find events that work for your concert report. The list will typically be updated once or twice each week, so expect additional events to be added late. (Plan to attend your concert 3-4 weeks before the report is due.)
  5. Get your first week survey to me immediately if you didn’t give it to me last week.
  6. Be absolutely sure that you have access to the text and the recordings — you cannot do assignments, much less succeed in the class without them. Let me know immediately if this is posing problem for you and I’ll see if I can help.
  7. Speaking of the text… completing careful study of the text and recordings each week, as listed in the course calendar, is critical to your success in the class. Some of my class presentations (e.g. “lectures”) assume that you have already studied this material, and some of the subject you are responsible to know about are only covered in the text and recordings.

Music 1A: Textbook And Recording Issues

UPDATE 1/14: As we now know, the issue has apparently been resolved, and you can use the codes and instructions I emailed to the class to access the recordings and the ebook version of the text.

Music 51: First Week Updates

The following are a few points and reminders that I want to share following our first meeting on Monday 1/7.

  • ATTENDANCE — Please arrive a few minutes before the 12:30 start time for the class so that you can be in your seat and ready to go at 12:30.
  • ABSENCES DURING WEEK ONE — Contact me immediately if you missed the first class and you still want to take the class. And be sure to come to class on Wednesday this week.
  • HEADPHONES REQUIRED! — As we discussed on Monday, you are required to bring headphones/earbuds to every class session starting this Wednesday. Any headphones with the small 1/8″ stereo plug commonly found on phones, etc. will work.
  • ADDING THE CLASS — There is room to add a few more students at the Wednesday class.

Music 1 — First Week Updates

As we get underway this quarter there are a few “getting started” tasks to take care of… and a few small problems to handle. Here’s a current summary.

  • ATTENDANCE — If you are enrolled in Music 1 but did not attend the first class session you should email me right away AND make sure to attend the Wednesday class. Faculty member are required to drop “no show” students during the first week.
  • ADDING THE CLASS  — There is still room to add Music 1. Contact me by email immediately or, better yet, attend the class on Wednesday 1/9 at 9:30AM in room A11.
  • TEXT AND AUDIO RECORDINGS — Both are required and you cannot succeed in the class without them. Details on in the course syllabus. Your easiest and best option is to to the the campus bookstore and purchase the looseleaf version of the text that includes the Connect audio recording access code. If you are using a used text or other option, you will need to purchase access to the recordings separately. (There is a problem with this option at the bookstore and we are working to resolve it — expect more information soon.)
  • ASSIGNMENTS — As we discussed at the first class meeting, all assignments are listed in the class calendar at this website. (See the “Music Appreciation” section of the tab bar at the top of this page.) Details and links are in the calendar, but here is a quick list:
    • First week survey — print out, fill out, and turn in on Wednesday
    • Grade access codes — look for an email with information
    • Study assignments — listed in the Study” section of the calendar for week one
    • First week checklist — take a moment to review this
  • QUESTIONS? — Email your questions to me and/or ask me in class.

Winter 2018 News

Welcome to the 2019 De Anza College winter term. I teach the following classes.

Music 1A: Music Appreciation — Music in Western Cultures fulfills GE and some music degree requirements. My section meets on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:30-11:20. You will acquire useful skills in music listening and understanding, learn a bit about how music developed towards its current state, and more.

Music 51: Introduction to Electronic Music is a starting point for students who want to learn about music software and hardware and how to use these tools to make music. There are no music prerequisites for this class, and all students with an interest in music are eligible. (Some musical background is helpful.) The classes meets on Mondays and Wednesdays at 12:30-2:45.

Winter 2019 classes begin on January 7, 2019. Find out how to apply and register at the college website. The winter 2019 schedule of classes is available now, and registration starts on November 13.

A Yosemite Group Exhibit

I have a show going on through June at Gallery 5 in Oakhurst, California, on the Yosemite National Park boundary: “Transitions: Winter to Spring — Photographs From Yosemite Renaissance Artist-in-Residence G Dan Mitchell and Friends.” The show runs through the end June, and features photographs from my Winter/Spring 2018 Yosemite Renaissance artist-in-residency in the park, along with the work of a diverse group of fellow landscape photographers and friends who have been working in the park this winter and spring to document the seasonal transition: Jerry Bosworth, Franka Mlikota Gabler, Charlotte Hamilton Gibb, David Hoffman, Vidya Kane, and Kerby Smith.

Clouds sweep across granite faces as winter snow falls above Yosemite Valley

Update: Early February 2018

I have been selected to be a Yosemite Renaissance artist-in-residence during the second half February 2018. I will photograph and take part in related activities in Yosemite National Park during that period.

Trees, Snowy Ledge

Update: Late December 2017

I spent the final week of 2017 in New York City, surviving ridiculously cold conditions — at least from the perspective of this Californian! — and making many photographs of the city in the winter light.

Pedestrians, Lexington Avenue