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Music 1A Extra Credit

Near the end of the quarter De Anza College performing groups present concerts on- and off-campus, and music students present a few free student recitals. Sometimes I give limited extra credit for attendance at these concerts. Any recital that qualifies for this credit will be specifically announced in class and/or on this website. Please note that the only qualifying concerts are performances by De Anza College groups found on this page – no other events will qualify.

NOTE: There is no guarantee that extra credit will be available every quarter, and the types of extra credit may change, as may the days and times of performances. Updated policies will be announced in class during the term.

The Concerts

Winter 2019 Term Music Department Concerts and Recitals

The events listed here are eligible for extra credit in Dan Mitchell’s Music 1A classes. (Additional events may be added as the end of the term approaches.)

  1. March 3: De Anza College Vintage Singers — Madrigal Tea fundraiser performance. 4:00pm. $25 donation. California History Center, De Anza College.
    Review for this event due on Monday, March 4.
    NOTE: Music 1A students may use this event either for one of the extra credit concerts or for the optional second concert report — BUT NOT FOR BOTH!

  2. March 17: De Anza College Chorus and Chamber Orchestra — 4:00pm. Visual and Performing Arts Center, De Anza College.
    Review for this event due on Monday, March 18.

  3. March 22: De Anza College Music Department Student Recital — 4:00pm. Room A11, De Anza College.
    Review for this event due at the final exam session on Monday, March 25.

  4. March 24: De Anza College Winter Band Concert — 2:30pm, Visual and Performing Arts Center, De Anza College.
    Review for this event due at the final exam session on Monday, March 25.


  • Some events are subject to cancellation or schedule/location changes. You should plan to attend all three events as early as possible if earning extra credit is especially critical to you.
  • If a performance is eligible for both extra credit and for the concert report assignment you may use it for one or the other, but never for both assignments.
  • Extra credit reviews are always due at the very next class meeting following the event, and late submissions are not accepted. Some events may occur after the final exam. Please see special notes about these events in the list above.

Assignment Details

In order to earn extra credit for recital attendance you must do the following:

  1. Attend a recital from the list on this page. You must attend the entire recital from start to finish. If you arrive late or leave early you will not be eligible for credit.
  2. You may not earn extra credit for attending a concert in which you are a participant. De Anza music students will need to attend performances by groups that they do not belong to.
  3. Sign in and out on sheets that may be available at the recital up until 5 minutes before the scheduled start of the event. You must arrive before this time to check in or you may not be eligible for credit. (*See note below for exceptions.)
  4. Write a one-page summary “review” of each concert you attend, and cover the whole concert/recital. It may be a combination of objective description and subjective reaction, and it should touch briefly on all pieces performed. There is no specific format for the summary. It is up to you to choose what you write, as long as it reflects your attendance at the concert and attention to the music. This is not a concert report and it does not follow the concert report format. Do not write more than one page for each concert.
  5. The summary must be typed (double- or single-spaced is fine).
  6. Include the concert program and ticket stub if they are provided at the event.
  7. It must be turned in no later than the start of the next class meeting following the event. (Any exceptions will be announced in class.)


  • You may attend and report on up to three listed concerts or recitals for extra credit. The extra credit for three events is generally enough to make raise a borderline grade to the next higher grade (i.e. – turning a C+ into a B-) so you are strongly urged to take advantage of this opportunity.
  • You can earn a smaller increment of extra credit by attending only one or two events.
  • Concerts listed on this extra credit page are not eligible for concert reports unless they are also separately listed in the Concert List. If a concert is listed both here and in the Concert List, you may use it for either a concert report or for extra credit but not for both. In other words, if you do a concert report on such an event you may not also use it for extra credit; if you use it for extra credit you may not also do a concert report on it.
  • You may not submit an extra credit summary for an event at which you are a performer. Sorry, but no “double-dipping” is allowed!
  • Students who have particularly poor attendance, have missed a test without explanation, or have otherwise exhibited unusual lapses in their work overall may not be allowed to use extra credit to achieve a passing grade at the discretion of the instructor.

* The procedure for signing in/out may vary. For example, when you arrive you may be given a slip of paper to fill out and return at the end, etc. If the instructor is not at the event to hand out and collect attendance slips or if no sign in/out sheet is available you must still include the concert program with the summary you hand in, and the summary must mention each of the pieces performed.

Extra Credit Attendance

Records of extra credit assignment completion are included in the Tests and Reports grade report page.

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