Music 1A Quizzes

There will be a quiz at the first class meeting each week. The quiz is short ; it will usually include about 5 multiple choice or true/false questions. The quiz is distributed at the very beginning of the period and collected five minutes later. Don’t be late for class!

You must bring a Scantron and a #2 pencil each week for the quiz.

The quiz focuses on the textbook chapters on the class subjects. In other words, you will be quizzed on material that you have read but which we have not yet covered in class.

As you have undoubtedly figured out, one major purpose of the quizzes is to make sure that you study the text assignments and recordings before we cover them in class.

Viewing the quizzes

Rather than printing and handing out 100 or more printed quizzes each week I project the quiz questions on the screen at the front of the room. Be sure to sit in the first row on quiz days if you have a hard time reading the screen. If you have difficulty reading the projected quiz on the screen from the front row, I can provide a few printed copies for students in the front row.

Retake quizzes

Generally you will have the opportunity to do a “retake quiz” the week after you take the original quiz. The score on the original quiz is averaged with the retake quiz, allowing you to improve your score – unless your retake score is lower than the original in which case you will keep the original score.

The retake is most beneficial to students who are prepared for the original quiz but miss a few items the first time. The retake generally will not help much if you miss the original quiz or get an extremely low score because you failed to study the assigned material.

Retake quizzes are optional and there is not penalty for not doing them. On the other hand, if you wish, you may do the retake version of every quiz.

More information

See the course syllabus for more details about the quizzes.

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