Listening Assignments

Listening assignments are based on reading assignments in the text and listening assignments on the accompanying recordings found at the Connect website or on your audio disks, if you purchased them. It is important to read more about the requirements of these assignments — some information is found further down on this page, more is in the syllabus and calendar, and additional information will be provided in class.

Downloading and printing assignments

The individual assignments may be downloaded from this page or from the Course Calendar.

Listening assignments for students using the 8th edition of the text

Listening assignments for students using the older 7th edition of the text

The assignments may be viewed and printed from your web browser as long as you have the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in installed on your computer. You can download this for free from (Mac OS X users do not need to download Acrobat Reader since they can view and print the assignments using the built-in Preview application.)

  • You must download and print the assignments at least 48 hours before the due dates. This way you will have time to download the plug-in and/or contact me for help if you encounter problems.
  • You may also use the computers in the De Anza Learning Center and elsewhere on campus in the event that you are unable download and print the assignments on your home computer.
  • Your inability to download and print the assignments during the 48 hours before they are due will not be an excuse for missing the due dates – download them earlier!

Doing the assignments

Print out the downloaded assignments and then hand-write your answers directly on the assignment sheets. You are not expected to type this assignment.

In order to answer the questions on the assignments you will need to read and comprehend the text material concerning the music, listen carefully to the music on your recordings, follow the listening outlines in the text, and possibly refer to other subjects and chapters that we have studied and to material presented in class.

Many of the questions ask you to draw your own conclusions based on your observations as you listen to the music. Quite often you will not find the “right” answer listed in the text. Instead, you will base your answers on your own careful, thoughtful, engaged listening, and the application of critical thinking.

In many cases you will be unable to answer the questions if you only listen to the music once. You may have to listen several times, read the information about the music in the text, and follow the textbook’s listening outline.

Occasionally you will be able to find the answers (or at least some good hints!) in the text. In these cases, do not quote the text in your answer. You cannot get an “A” grade for quoting the text – your grade will be lowered for including extensive uncredited quotations from the text, especially if your answer does not demonstrate your own understanding of the topic. At a minimum you must restate the concepts in your own words. (Quoting material without clearly indicating that it is quoted and/or without identifying the source qualifies as plagiarism and may significantly lower your assignment grade or even disqualify the assignment completely.)

Listening assignments that are identical to those of other students or so similar that they obviously came from a similar source is unacceptable, and such assignments will not receive any credit. See syllabus policies on copying and cheating and academic integrity.


Contact me as early as possible if you are not sure that you understand a listening assignment question or if you need help or advice. I’m happy to answer your questions, so there is no reason to make guesses about what to do on these assignments. Speak to me at a class session prior to the due date or email me.

Submitting listening assignments

Listening assignments are collected at the very beginning of the period on due dates. Your assignment is late if you are not in class when I collect them. I do not accept late listening assignments – even if they are only a minute or two late. Bottom line: Come a few minutes early on days when assignments are due!

You must staple assignment pages together or I will not accept your paper and you will get no credit. If you forgot to staple your pages together, ask around and see if another student has a stapler you can borrow.

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