Music 1A Tests

There are three tests in Music 1A. Each test, including test #3 at the final exam session, focuses on the most recent third of the course, and all three tests are equally weighted. See the course syllabus for more details about tests.

Content and Format

Tests focus on material addressed in class, in the assigned reading, in the assigned listening, and other sources as presented and/or assigned in class.

Tests typically include

  • A Scantron section with multiple choice, true/false, and matching questions
  • Questions for which you must write out answers on the test form.
  • Questions based on musical examples played during the exam

The final exam is not a comprehensive exam. It focuses on subjects addressed after the material covered on test #2.

Tests are not returned. However, grades and point scores are posted online and some test questions will be reviewed in class following the exam.

Minimum Test Grade Requirement

You must earn non-failing grades on at least two of the three tests. You cannot earn a passing grade in Music 1A if you fail or miss two or more tests, regardless of grades on other course work. (For this reason, the following test retake option is available.)

Retaking a test

You may have an opportunity to request a retake of either test #1 or test #2 at the final exam session. If your grade on the re-take version of the test is higher than that on the original version of the test, you will earn the average of the two grades for that test. This option is available to all Music 1A students, but it is critical for students who are at risk of earning a failing grade on two tests as described above and in the syllabus. (In order to pass this class you are required to earn non-failing grades on two of the three tests, where “non-failing grade” means a grade higher than F.)

Check the course calendar for more information about requesting a re-take of one of the tests, including the deadline for submitting your request.

Bottom line(s)

  • You should take advantage of this option if you failed one or more of the earlier tests.
  • You may take advantage of this option if you wish to raise your grade on one of the earlier tests.

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