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Week II Notes — Winter 2016

Each terms seems to go so fast, and here we are already in week II. Here are a few things to pay attention to this week.


  • I still have a few open seats in the two Music 1A classes and I can add students through this week. Email me or come to a class meeting.
  • The first weekly quiz is at your first class meeting this week — Monday for the MW class and Tuesday for the TTh class. The quizzes always take place during the first five minutes of class.
  • The first listening assignment is due at the start of your second class meeting this week — Wednesday for the MW class and Thursday for the TTh class. Print out the assignment now, since you are required to answer on my printed form. If you haven’t already started the assignment, start today! And if you have any questions as you work on it be sure to contact me right away — in class or email work best.
  • I will post the first update to the concert list later this week.
  • You really need to have the text and recordings by now — you can’t do the studying or the listening assignments without them. If you still don’t have them and have not yet talked to me individually about your alternatives, do this now!


  • This class is now full and I’m unable to add any more students, with the possible exception of those who have already attended a class or who have contacted me previously. (We do offer the class again next quarter.)
  • This week you will use class lab time to work on assignment #1, which is due in class on Wednesday.
  • We move on to begin work on the Logic application in class this week. I think you’ll like it!

Minimalism — Philip Glass’s Music

Music from “Einstein on the Beach” by Philip Glass


This is a tough time for everyone right now given the stories that have been all over the news, especially the recent horrible events in Southern California.

I have sympathy for those who were directly effected by these events along with gratitude to those who responded, including government employees and members of the public.

My thoughts are also with Muslim Americans, especially those of you among our students at De Anza, who must find it painful to see a side of America that is not very kind or thoughtful, and which is is too quick to make judgments based on appearance or the sound of a name. I hope you know that too many of the loudest voices right now are not representative of American values nor of how most Americans feel.

Saying “no” to demagoguery and hate

“They can’t beat us on the battlefield, so they try to terrorize us into being afraid, and changing our patterns of behavior, and panicking, and abandoning our allies and partners, and retreating from the world,” Obama said…

It’s “absolutely false” that “we are somehow at war with an entire religion,” he said. “The United States could never be at any war with any religion because America is made up by multiple religions. We’re strengthened by people from every religion, including Muslim Americans. So I want to be as clear as I can on this — prejudice and discrimination helps [terrorists]...”

(Italics added.)

Music Department Benefit Concert

Join me at this concert TONIGHT — Wednesday, December 2. Free for students… and eligible for the Music 1A extra credit assignment.

Paganini trio concert flyer v2.psd

Music 1A: A Quote

From a test answer: “[Bach’s] death marked the end of his life.”

Can’t argue with that!

Music 1A: Homework #4 Notes

As I mentioned in class a few weeks ago — and as described in the syllabus — I may give full credit simply for assignment completion on up to two of the listening assignments each quarter. I have decided to do this for listening assignment #4 this quarter. If you turned in a completed assignment you received a grade of “A” on the work regardless of the quality of your answers. (If you only completed part of the assignment your grade will be lower.)

Note that I will not assign full credit just for completion on any other assignment due later this quarter — all remaining assignments will receive a letter grade reflecting the quality of the work.

Since I did not comment directly on your individual papers,some brief commentary on the questions on this assignment follows… (more…)

Wednesday, November 11 — College IS Open and Classes DO Meet Today

A few students wondered if classes meet today — Wednesday, November 11.

Yes! The college IS OPEN today and classes DO meet on their normal schedules.

(Monday was  a college holiday earlier this week. This was in honor of Veterans Day. To veterans at De Anza and elsewhere… thank you for your service and sacrifices.)

Wednesday November 4 Office Hour

I may not arrive early enough to meet my 8:30 office hour on Wednesday, November 4, so I am rescheduling it as follows:

  • 30 minutes between 11:30 and 12:00
  • 20 minutes starting at close to 3:00

A Schedule Reminder for NEXT Week (Week 8)

Welcome to week seven of the quarter — we are now in the second half of the fall term!

  • This week in Music 1A: Introduction to Music we finish coverage of Baroque music and move on to Classical music. We are back on a more typical schedule, with a quiz on Monday and a homework assignment due on Wednesday. (Note previous messages about a little “advantage” you will have on this week’s quiz.) I continue the work of grading concert reports, a task that will take me until the middle of week eight to complete. (Return of some other assignments may be delayed while I work on concert reports.)
  • This week in Music 51: Introduction to Electronic Music we have a test date to remember: the first midterm test is this Wednesday, November 4. It is a test version of quizzes #1 and #2, which you will get back in class today. Work continues on various projects.

Next week — week 8 — our schedule changes a bit again as we begin the November “season of holidays.” Next Monday, November 9 is the Veterans Day holiday. The campus is closed that day and there are no classes. This affects the Monday Music 1A class, whose homework and quiz will be scheduled for Wednesday, November 11 that week. (The schedule for the Tuesday 1A class should not be affected, but stay tuned…) The Music 51 Monday class will not meet, so we’ll have only one class session during week eight.

On the subject of holidays, since there is another big holiday only a few weeks from now (Thanksgiving holiday), followed very quickly by a final exams, it is important to recognize that things may seem rather rushed between now and the end of the term. The holidays are wonderful — I enjoy them, too! — but they do require us to play “catch up,” and this becomes more challenging when the holidays all occur so close to the end of the term.