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Women’s March Photographs

I have shared some photographs I made at the historic Women’s March events in the Bay Area.

Bridge Together Golden Gate

My Other Life: Night Photography “Open Studio”

Pedestrians, Mosco Street

Pedestrians walk up Mosco Street on a raining Christmas Eve

Some of you may know about my other life as a photographer, in which case you may be interested in the following:

This weekend I will exhibit at San Francisco Artspan 2016 Open Studios with Studio Nocturne SF — a group of photographers specializing in night photography. We’ll be at:

Big Daddy’s Antiques
1550 17th St. at Wisconsin
San Francisco
11:00 AM-6:00 PM
October 22 and 23

From My Other Life — Yosemite Renaissance 31


The Yosemite Renaissance 31 exhibit opens this weekend in Yosemite Valley. The annual juried show features the work of artists working in and around Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada and includes sculpture, painting, photography, ceramics, and more.

My photographs have been selected for inclusion in the exhibit for the past four years and once again I have a photograph in the show this year.

Basalt Columns, Lichen, Autumn Plants

From My Other Life…

Rock, Water, Trees — A Photographic Folio

Rock, Water, Trees — A Photographic Folio

A selection of eight photographs that are part of an exhibition opening at the Stellar Gallery later this month.

A Salzburg Photograph

Windows, Lamp, Shadow

A street lamp and its shadow between two windows, Salzburg, Austria

Why a photograph of a couple of windows and a lamp with its shadow? Well… the weak link is that we’re currently looking at music from the Classical era, Mozart is a composer of this era, Mozart was born in this town of Salzburg, Austria, in a building that is a very short walk away along the narrow streets on which I made this photograph.

Meanwhile, in my “other life…”

8x10: The Folio Show

8×10: The Folio Show

Dunes and Mountains, Evening

Dunes and Mountains, Evening

Dunes and Mountains, Evening

“Dunes and Mountains, Evening” — Death Valley National Park, California. April 2, 2015. © Copyright 2015 G Dan Mitchell — all rights reserved.

We are only one week into the spring term, but spring break already seems far in the past! I spent part of my break photographing in Death Valley National Park, a place I’ve been photographing for more than 15 years.

Celli and Double Basses

Low Strings, Rehearsal

Members of the cello and double bass sections of Symphony Silicon Valley at a September 27, 2013 rehearsal

Members of the cello and double bass sections of Symphony Silicon Valley at a September 27, 2013 rehearsal.

Cello Detail

Cello Detail

Close up photograph of a cello — strings, fingerboard, bow

Close up photograph of a cello, showing the four strings, the fingerboard, the bow…

Musicians, Intermission

Musicians, Intermission

Musicians outside the stage door during intermission, Symphony Silicon Valley