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Resist The Mid-Of-The-Term Blahs

Something often happens starting around week six of the term — and it can be more pronounced in the spring quarter. We start to see a greater number of absences and perhaps more forgetfulness about assignments.

I have a theory.

think that by the middle of the term several factors are at work. The class is no longer new. The end of the terms seems quite a ways off, so final exam and project worries haven’t set it yet. You might be dealing with midterms and other projects.

The problem is that all too often this middle-of-the-term slowdown a) can put you a bit behind just as we area close to entering the ending portion of the term, and b) the amount of remaining time to be used to fix missed work, lectures, and so on is steadily diminishing.

So, keep your focus. Pedal to the metal. One step at a time. Keep moving forward. You’ll feel a lot better about your work during the remaining weeks of the term if you do!

Spring Quarter Multicultural Events

Spring Quarter Multicultural Events

Spring Quarter Multicultural Events

Music 1A: Listing Versus Describing… And A Few More Things About Homework

I frequently see homework assignment answers that make the mistake of providing a list when the question calls for a description. These two things — lists and descriptions — are not the same.

You would not answer the following two requests the same way.

  • List your three best friends.
  • Describe your three best friends.

Make sense? In the first case you could simply name three people. In the second case you need to offer more information and describe some of their characteristics. 

Many of my homework assignments ask you to describe things (or, in some cases list and describe), so read carefully and respond accordingly. For example.

  • List textures used in this piece.
    You could answer, for example, monophonic and polyphonic textures.
  • Describe the use of texture in this piece.
    You could answer, for example, The piece starts with monophonic texture. As more instruments come in it changes to polyphony. The texture becomes homophonic when the piano accompanies the singer.


  • Remember that you must not simply quote text from the book on the homework assignments. At a minimum you must paraphrase in your own words, since that suggests that you understand the information.
  • You will never earn an A grade on a homework paper on which you substitute quotes in place of your own descriptions.
  • Make sure your answers are focused on the subject of the questions. Avoid bringing in unrelated and/or irrelevant material — it actually makes your answer less credible.
  • Avoid excess verbosity — in general it is better to answer in a clear, concise, and efficient manner that conveys your knowledge of the subject.
  • Always answer on the printed form from the website. Please do not attach handwritten or typed sheets unless you clear it with me ahead of time.
  • Always do the listening and consult the text before answering!

De Anza College Video

Professor Anita Hill at De Anza

From the Office of Equity, Social Justice, and Multicultural Education:

On behalf of the Office of Equity, Social Justice, and Multicultural Education, we are honored to confirm that Professor Anita Hill will be speaking at De Anza College on Thursday, March 23rd, from 11:00 a.m. -12:15 p.m. in the VPAC.  Her talk will be on “Equity in Post-Obama America” followed by discussion with students.  The event is sponsored by the Office of the President, the Office of Equity, DASB Heritage Months, and the Visiting Speakers Series; it is co-sponsored by African American Studies, the Black Leadership Collective, and Women’s Studies.

In anticipation of Professor Hill’s visit, the Jean Miller Resource Room (JMRR) of the Office of Equity will be hosting a screening of the HBO film Confirmation, starring Kerry Washington, on Thursday, March 16th, from 6:40-8:45 p.m., in Conference Room B. Please direct any questions about the film screening to Claudia Andrade, Faculty Coordinator for JMRR.  Also, the documentary entitled Anita: Speaking Truth to Power is available for streaming from our library via Kanopy as well as books authored by Professor Hill.

If you have any questions about the Anita Hill program, please feel free to email me off of the Listserv.  The event is free, ADA accessible, and open to the public. All are welcome. Please see attached flyer.  Thank you in advance for your support.

Holiday Message From De Anza President Murphy

Dear Students, Faculty, Classified Professionals and Administrators,

As the fall quarter ends, I want to extend a personal wish to each of you for an excellent holiday, with the hope that you get some rest after the rigors of finals, and enjoy time with your family and friends.

Beyond holiday greetings, it must be said: It has been an unsettling quarter for many of us in the aftermath of the presidential election. There is widespread uncertainty, and concern, about what the new administration will bring.

I want to reassure all students without documentation that we support you, and will provide assistance to you. I also want to assure all students that the college will never participate in efforts to establish “registries” based on religion or any other attribute.

In order for undocumented students to have access to resources while school is not in session, we have developed a comprehensive webpage, linked from our home page and which you can view here: http://www.deanza.edu/students/undoc-students.html.

Beginning next quarter, we will host public meetings on immigrant rights and resources, and bring legal representatives to campus to provide individual consultations. Nationally recognized immigrant rights activist Jose Antonio Vargas – our acclaimed commencement speaker in 2013 – will speak at De Anza in late January.

On Monday, the Foothill-De Anza Board of Trustees unanimously approved two resolutions on behalf of our students: one a statement of support for the continuation of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), and the second a policy statement asserting non-compliance with any federal efforts to create registries based on religion or created to facilitate deportations. You can view the resolutions from the resources webpage.

Immigration status concerns and the maintenance of civil liberties are not the only public issues we will face over the next period of time. But we will work on those most immediately. De Anza College is committed to practical and real assistance to students, beyond public conversations and support.

Enjoy your holidays, and I look forward to seeing you back on campus in January.

Best wishes,

Brian Murphy

Student Success Center

Need help with your classes and assignments? Visit De Anza’s Student Success Center for peer tutoring and workshops!

The Student Success Center offers free tutoring (funded in part by your DASB fees) for many De Anza classes.

Visit http://www.deanza.edu/studentsuccess for hours and information about workshops, group, drop-in and online tutoring, and to apply for (limited) weekly individual tutoring. Or stop by in person to check out on-campus centers.

  • Academic Skills Center for workshops Adjunct courses in ATC 302
  • General Subject tutoring in ATC 305
  • Listening & Speaking and World Language support in ATC 313
  • Math, Science and Technology tutoring in S43
  • Writing and Reading tutoring in ATC 309