Music 8: Assignment 6

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Due Date

Due Date: Tuesday, June 6, with playback possible at the following session.


Linking Reason and Logic

Assignment Goals

Create a short sequence in Reason. “Rewire” Reason to Logic so that the Reason sequence is under Logic’s control. Record 2 tracks in Logic (using synths, etc.) that synchronize with the existing Logic song. (Or, feel free to begin with tracks in Reason and then add Logic tracks – your choice.)

(Note: With new versions of both Logic and Reason in the lab, this project is subject to modification during the 2014 winter term.)


  • Create a Reason project/rack containing four instruments. (You may use more than four at your option.)
  • Separately route the audio outputs of the four instruments to four input pairs on the Reason hardware interface at the top of the rack – do not use a Reason mixer to combine them first. (If you choose to use more than four instruments, all of them must be connected directly to the hardware interface module.)
  • Map the audio from these four Reason instruments into four (or more, if necessary) separate channel strips on the Logic mixer.
  • Add at least one effect to each of the four minimum tracks in the Logic mixer.
  • Create a short Reason sequence using two of the instruments whose notes are recorded on two different tracks in the Reason sequencer. (Of the two Reason tracks, at least one must include notes that you played on the keyboard and recorded in the Reason sequencer. If you prefer, the other may include patterned sounds, such as those from ReDrum or the Matrix Sequencer controlling another module in Reason.)
  • Create two “external MIDI” tracks in the Logic sequencer. Assign each of these tracks to control one of the other two instruments in the Reason rack. Record something in these two tracks that plays the Reason instruments.
  • Add at least one additional track in Logic that uses a Logic software instrument of your choice.
  • You’ll obviously have to include at least three tracks in Logic plus the two that play from the Reason Sequencer. You may use more if you want to.
  • Save the component project files as “Firstname Lastname 6.”
  • Total project length of between 30 and 60 seconds.

Feel free to create a project with more tracks than the minimum. Also consider applying some of what you create here to your final project.

There are no limitations on what type of music may be used for the project. The piece may be an original composition, an arrangement, a recorded improvisation, etc. Your grade will be affected by factors including following the project format outlined above, the accuracy of your performance (i.e., pitch and rhythm), the appropriateness of the sounds selected, and other musical aspects. While creativity and musicality will count, the primary factor will be the technical quality of your project.


You will be graded on technical aspects of the assignment. The assignment will not be graded on its musical merits. This includes the following:

  • Inclusion of all required tracks from both Reason and Logic.
  • Basic rhythmic consistency.
  • Technical factors including the length of the project.

The musical quality of your piece does not determine your grade. However, imagination can’t hurt! The assignment description is intentionally vague so that there is room for you to exercise your imagination. Try to come up with an interesting piece within the guidelines of this project.

A late penalty of 1 letter grade per class session is applied to assignments which are handed in late.

For Intro to Electronic Music: Projects must be saved on your classroom computer before the deadline. You will also need to store a backup copy of your work, using one of the methods we discuss in class.

Your grade will be affected if your project does not follow the format outlined above. If your project is nowhere close to following the format, I will ask you to re-do it and hand in the “fixed” version when you finish.

If you have questions or problems on the assignment please let me know right away – in class or by email, or telephone at 864-8511.

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