Music 51 Quizzes

Contact Info: Dan Mitchell

Office: A15
Phone: 408.864.8511

Office Hours

Monday & Wednesday
Room A11:
15 minutes before 9:30 Music 1A
10 minutes after 9:30 Music 1A
Room A91:
15 minutes before 12:30 Music 51
10 minutes after 12:30 Music 51.

Intro to Electronic Music Quizzes

Some quizzes are provided in take-home versions. These quizzes are announced on the home page and archived here.


  • You must PRINT OUT the forms that are found at the links listed below, and WRITE YOUR ANSWERS ON THE PRINTED FORMS. I will not accept quiz answers that are, for example, written on loose sheets of paper, emailed, etc. – you are required to turn in the printed form with the answers on the form.
  • Quizzes are always due at the start of the period on the due date. I do not accept late quizzes. If you cannot attend class on the deadline day or if you are running late, you may email readable photographs of the completed assignment to me, and if your email arrives before the start time of the class your work will be considered to be on time. You must deliver the original printed copy as soon as possible, and no grade will be assigned until you do so.
  • You get one “free quiz,” since I do not count the quiz with the lowest grade, whether that is a low earned grade or a missing quiz.

Quizzes and Tests — Links and Deadlines

  • Music 51 Quiz 1
    Due: START OF CLASS on Wednesday, May 3
  • Music 51 Quiz 2
    Due: START OF CLASS on Wednesday, May 10.
  • MIDTERM #1
    In class on Wednesday, May 17.
  • Music 51 Quiz 3
    Due: START OF CLASS on Wednesday, June 7
  • Music 51 Quiz 4
    Due: START OF CLASS on Wednesday, June 14
  • MIDTERM #2
    In class at the last regular class session before final exams – Wednesday of Week 11. See the Music 51 Syllabus for final exam schedule information for the current quarter.
    (The final exam session is used exclusively for final project playback.)

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