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Introduction to Music

Music 1A: Introduction to Music is a music survey course covering a variety of musical styles, composers, forms, and historical periods and following the development of “western” classical art music and related subjects. Many students take Music 1A to fulfill requirements in the humanities area as part of the general education program. Previous musical experience is not a prerequisite for this class.

A variety of students take this class, including those who

  • need to satisfy general education requirements in the humanities area.
  • want to increase their understanding of music they hear.
  • plan to transfer to four-year institutions as music majors.
  • are looking for a general survey course in music.

Music majors may take Music 1A both as an elective and to fulfill music major requirements.

Almost all course resources are available at this website, including the syllabus, course calendar, assignments, and more. See the header of this page and the sidebar for links.

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