Music 8: Assignment 4

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Due Date

Tuesday, May 23


Create a Reason rack connecting effects to synths and to mixers and using both serial and parallel connections..

Assignment Goals

Use effects/signal processing modules in Reason, both via mixer sends and by connecting directly to instruments in series.


  • Create a single rack with four sound modules (e.g. – Subtractors, etc.).
  • Connect one effect to each individual sound module in series, and then connect all four to a 14:2 mixer. The result is that each instrument’s output passes through its own signal processor on the way to its mixer input.
  • In addition, connect at least FOUR other effects to the Mixer send/return loops and route the individual instruments to these effect loops by adjusting the red send knobs on each instruments mixer channel strip.
  • At least one of the sound modules must be sent to more than one of the effect loops.
  • Create short musical example using the resources of your rack. The sequence should be between 15 and 60 seconds in duration.
  • Save the rack/project as “Firstname Lastname Rack 4.”

Each effect must actually be used and each input channel on the mixer must use at least one effect.


You will be graded on technical aspects of the assignment. The assignment will not be graded on its musical merits. Technical aspects include the following:

  • Number of modules as described above.
  • Interconnections between modules as described above.
  • Ability to explain the features of each rack that you create.

A late penalty of 1 letter grade per class session is applied to assignments which are handed in late.

Your grade will be affected if your project does not follow the format outlined above. If your project is nowhere close to following the format, I will ask you to re-do it and hand in the “fixed” version when you finish.

If you have questions or problems on the assignment please let me know right away – in class or by email, or telephone at 864-8511.

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