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Due Dates

There are two “due dates” for the class presentation assignment.

  • Submit a viable and complete Class Presentation Proposal Form: Tuesday, June 6.
  • Make your class presentation: Weeks 10 and 11 as listed in the presentation schedule posted below on this page.


During the final two weeks of the term, each Intermediate Electronic Music student will give a 10 minute presentation to the class or a topic of personal interest that is related to electronic music. (See schedule below.)

NOTE: As described below, this assignment has two parts.

  1. Submit a viable and complete Class Presentation Proposal Form by the start of class on the due date listed above. (Note: If you provide web links are resource, please email a copy of your links on the due date for the proposal. Also, while wikipedia is an interesting place to read the most general information about subjects, it is not a suitable reference for your presentation.)
  2. Make your individual presentation to the class on a date scheduled by the teacher during the last few weeks of the term.

Read the rest of this page in order to understand requirements and details of both components of the assignment.


See current schedule below on this page for the date that you have been assigned for your presentation. This is your due date. You must be in class and ready to present on your scheduled due date unless you have made prior arrangements with the instructor to change the date. If you are absent or otherwise unable to present on your due date, your project is late and late grade penalties apply. A minimum penalty is one full letter grade on the class presentation portion of your course grade. In addition, if you do not present your topic before the end of the term, either because you are not ready or because there is not additional class time available, you may lose all of the credit for this assignment. Without a class presentation assignment, the highest course grade possible is in the neighborhood of a B-, even if all other course work is of extremely high quality.


As long as you can convince me that your topic is relevant to this course it will be acceptable for a presentation. (You will still need to offer a proposal that is otherwise appropriate in line with project requirements and expectations.) During previous quarters students have presented topics such as the following.

  • Composers and musicians who are known for their use of electronic music technologies.
  • History of electronic music, including the development and use of instruments and other technologies.
  • Musical styles/genres use of electronic music technologies.
  • Technical subjects such as design of hardware software. (Presented for a lay audience!)
  • Comparative reviews of hardware and software products.
  • The use of music/audio in film.
  • Selecting equipment for specific types of use.
  • Demonstrations of hardware/software tools.
  • Research into related careers.

This list is not complete and you may propose topics different from those listed above.


You are allowed to present a traditional “talking-head” presentation, but you are strongly encouraged to consider alternatives that engage the class, incorporate multi-media, and so on. You will have a total of 10 minutes for your presentation.

Support materials

If appropriate, you are encouraged to provide supplemental material in printed form or on a web site. (You may be able to use the class web site for this purpose – contact me for more information.)

Project proposals

25% of your grade for this assignment will be awarded for providing a credible Class Presentation Proposal by the deadline. You may receive no credit on this portion of the project grade if you do not submit your proposal on time. In addition, those who submit proposals after the deadline will be scheduled to present their proposals first by default.

IMPORTANT: If you do not submit a proposal before the presentations begin you may still be asked if you are ready to present on the first presentation day if you are in class. If you are ready, you may have this one opportunity to present. If you have a written proposal to submit on that day, you may be allowed to present on that same day if the proposal is approved. If, by this first presentation date, you still have not had your proposal approved and you are not ready to present, you will earn a zero on this assignment and you will not be able to present later in the term.)

IMPORTANT: If I return your initial proposal for revision, expansion, change, and so forth you must submit the requested revision by the following class session (unless I give you more time) in order to receive the full 25% credit. If you submit a proposal that requires revision and you fail to submit the requested revisions you may not earn this portion of the credit for this assignment.

I must provide final approval of your project proposal. After I read your proposal I may:

  • approve it as submitted.
  • approve it as submitted, but suggest changes/additions.
  • approve the topic but not the manner of presentation. In this case I will advise you on the types of changes that will be required. You will need to submit a revised proposal by the next class session.
  • disapprove of the topic. In this case I will explain my reasons and offer some alternative suggestions. You will need to submit a different subject or a sufficient revision of your original idea by the next class meeting.

If your proposal is not approved as submitted, you will be required to submit revisions for approval by the following class session.


(This section was added on 6/9/11) Factors that affect the presentation grade include the following:
  • Organization of your presentation.
  • Coverage of the subject as described in your proposal and in subsequent revisions.
  • Accuracy of information contained in your presentation.
  • Evidence of careful preparation for your class presentation.
  • Extent to which the presentation offers information that we did not already know from class.
  • Relevance of the presentation to the focus of the class.
  • Completion of the presentation within the allotted time.
  • Anticipation of technical/setup issues.
  • Quality of support materials.
  • Appropriate use of support materials. Support materials are not required, but are usually useful.
  • 25% of the credit for the presentation is based on your submission of a viable and well-organized presentation topic proposal by the deadline date.

Spring 2016 Presentation Schedule

If your presentation indicates (“Need revision…”) you must turn in an appropriately revised version of your proposal by the indicated date and it must incorporate changes in line with comments on your original proposal. You must do this in order to present on your scheduled date. Please include your original printed proposal along with your revised proposal.)

Equipment available in the classroom for use by all presenters. Note that the schedule is subject to change.

  • Mac computer running MS: office inc. Powerpoint
  • Keyboard and audio; USB/MIDI to Mac
  • Logic, Reason, Protools LE, Garage Band, Sibelius
  • DVD, VHS playback
  • Computer playback of .mp3, .aiff, .mov, .qt files.
  • Projector for above. Laptops can connect if you have adapter.
  • Audio can connect if you can accept a 1/4” or 1/8” stereo plug. (You MUST take a look at our setup at least ONE CLASS SESSION BEFORE YOUR PRESENTATION to verify that you have the right cables.)

IMPORTANT: If there is a note next to your name on the list that is presented in RED PRINT your project has not yet been fully approved and you MUST CLARIFY QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR PROJECT BY THE NEXT CLASS. Your project has not been officially approved until you do this, and you cannot present on a topic that has not been approved. This would not be very helpful to your grade!

Tuesday, June 13

  1. Held open for late proposals
  2. Held open for late proposals
  3. Held open for late proposals
  4. Held open for late proposals

Thursday, June 15

  1. Jackeen H. — Roles of Producers [X]
  2. Michael S. — SV-1 Demonstration [X]
  3. Kevin N. — Audio Engineer Career [X]
  4. Hunter H. — Juno 106 [O]

Tuesday, June 20

  1. Christopher C — Acoustic Foam [X]
  2. Jordan C. — Wavetable Synthesis [X]
  3. Marco G. — Psychedelic Music sub-genres [X]
  4. Alejandro A. — Drum Synthesis Using Subtractor [X]
  5. Christian V. — House Music [X]

Thursday, June 22

  1. Guadalupe B. — Hard Dance Music Genre [O]
  2. Nauryzbek N. — Independent Electronic Music Labels [X]
  3. Asuka Y. — Free “DTM” Software [X]
  4. Ian F-H. — Four-Oscillator Operator Synth in Ableton Live [X]

* There are suggestions, questions or calls for explanation on some proposals.
Key: X=completed presentation, D=Delayed until next session, 0=Presentation not done

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