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First Week Checklist

There are a number of things that you need to take care of quickly during the first week of your Music 1A class. Since keeping track of all of the details can be overwhelming for some students I have put together this checklist. Please go through it and make sure to complete everything that applies to you – and contact me right away if you have any questions or concerns.


  1. Your first priority, obviously, is to make sure that you are enrolled in the class. Please take care of adding the class right away if I gave you an add code. I cannot hold class space for students who fail to use their add codes right away if others are waiting to add.
  2. If you are on a waiting list for this class you must attend each class session in order to retain your position on the wait list.
  3. Students who miss the first class session without contacting me in advance are subject to being dropped as “no shows” and/or losing their place on the wait list.
  4. Students who exceed absence limits or who habitually arrive late for class will be dropped. See course syllabus for more information.
  5. It is absolutely critical that you attend each class session. I will drop registered students who miss class so that I can make room for those on the waiting list. Be sure to contact me immediately if you have to miss class.

Getting started

  1. Purchase the textbook (see the syllabus link in the sidebar) by the second class session. Make sure to get the correct edition and the accompanying recordings.
  2. Bring a notebook or binder to every class meeting and use it to take notes on class presentations.
  3. Keep a calendar in your notebook or elsewhere to track upcoming deadlines.


Review the following sections of this Music 1A class website.

  1. Syllabus
  2. Course calendar
  3. Assignment info (optional to read all of this now, but a good idea nonetheless)
  4. Concert Report information – study all of this material at the web site.

All course information and materials except the text and recordings are available on this website. Some assignments are downloaded from the site or submitted online. You will need ready access to the web and you will need to check this website at least twice per week throughout the term.

If you do not already have access to a networked computer you may use the free Internet Lab in the Learning Center on campus. Printing is available there for a small fee.


Several assignments must be completed during week 1. Consult the Calendar for more information including deadlines.

  1. Submit a grade access code that you will use to access online postings of your grades. Instructions will be provided during the first week of classes.
  2. Print and complete the First Week Survey found in the course calendar. The link to the course calendar is also in the sidebar.


There is a separate section in the online course calendar for each week of the term. Each section includes a subsection titled Study. This material – text and associated recordings – must be completed no later than that week’s class sessions. (Important: Each weekly quiz covers this material from the text and recordings, and it generally will not have been covered in class before the quiz.)

So, during the first week you must focus your study (reading, listening, outlining, reviewing, note-taking) on the Study materials for both week I and week 2.

Habits for success

  • Arrive on time for class.
  • Bring a notebook, pen/pencil, and textbook.
  • Take notes in class and review them frequently – daily is best.
  • Reserve sufficient study time in your schedule.
  • Ask questions if you are confused or need more information. It is far better to make the mistake of asking a question that you might not have needed to ask than to make the mistake of not asking a questions that you needed to ask.

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