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The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, Op. 34
Benjamin Britten


0:00 Theme a. Full orchestra
0:41 b. Woodwind section
1:11 c. Brass section
1:42 d. Percussion section
2:07 e. Percussion section
2:26 f. Full orchestra
3:00 Variation 1: Flutes
3:30 Variation 2: Oboes
4:33 Variation 3: Clarinets
5:16 Variation 4: Bassoons
6:13 Variation 5: Violins
6:58 Variation 6: Violas
7:38 Variation 7: Cellos
8:34 Variation 8: Double-basses
9:32 Variation 9: Harp
10:23 Variation 10: French horns
11:03 Variation 11: Trumpets
11:38 Variation 12: Trombones and tuba
12:39 Variation 13: a: Timpani; bass drum and cymbals
13:06 b. Tambourine and triangle; snare drum (side drum) and Chinese block (a hollow wooden block that is struck with a drumstick)
13:28 c. Xylophone
13:40 d. Castanets and gong
13:49 e. Whip (two hinged pieces of wood that are slapped against each other)
13:54 f. Entire percussion section; xylophone and triangle
14:32 Concluding section a. Unaccompanied piccolo, lively new tune, tune played in turn by flutes, oboes, clarinets, and bassoons, crescendo.
15:42 b. Lively tune played in turn by 1st violins, p; 2nd violins, violas, cellos, double-basses, woodwinds accompany, crescendo; quick decrescendo introduces
16:11 c. Harp, lively tune, crescendo in strings and woodwinds.
16:22 Lively tune played in turn by French horns, ff, trumpets, trombones and tuba, orchestra accompanies.
16:41 Percussion, f, accompanied by orchestra, p, crescendo to
16:50 Main theme in brasses, ff, together with lively tune in high woodwinds and strings. Full orchestra, percussion , sustained closing chord, fff.

Voice and Instrument Examples



Kathleen Battle:


Marilyn Horne (for fun):


Luciano Pavarotti:


From Mozart’s “The Magic Flute”




Kronos Quartet: Purple Haze: http://youtu.be/UP7rjppeRA0

Kronos Quartet YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/kronosquartet1

St. Lawrence Quartet plays Haydn: http://youtu.be/o-INgPJwVZA


“Ugros” performed by the Borealis Wind Quintet http://youtu.be/D743z4wOJrA


Canadian Brass – “Tocatta and Fugue in d minor” – J. S. Bach http://youtu.be/pX0Jhk6e2Uw


Rollins Percussion Ensemble – Super Mario Medley” http://youtu.be/TkamVRYBkfg

Gamelan Gong Kebyar http://youtu.be/ldPMifPbngc


Harpsichord: Comparone plays Scarlatti http://youtu.be/71iUAFFQ8ik

Organ: Toccata and Fuge in d minor http://youtu.be/_FXoyr_FyFw


Clara Rockmore performs “Habanera” by Ravel: http://youtu.be/uuKBPEDU-W0

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