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A Yosemite Group Exhibit

I have a show going on through June at Gallery 5 in Oakhurst, California, on the Yosemite National Park boundary: “Transitions: Winter to Spring — Photographs From Yosemite Renaissance Artist-in-Residence G Dan Mitchell and Friends.” The show runs through the end June, and features photographs from my Winter/Spring 2018 Yosemite Renaissance artist-in-residency in the park, along with the work of a diverse group of fellow landscape photographers and friends who have been working in the park this winter and spring to document the seasonal transition: Jerry Bosworth, Franka Mlikota Gabler, Charlotte Hamilton Gibb, David Hoffman, Vidya Kane, and Kerby Smith.

Clouds sweep across granite faces as winter snow falls above Yosemite Valley

Update: Early February 2018

I have been selected to be a Yosemite Renaissance artist-in-residence during the second half February 2018. I will photograph and take part in related activities in Yosemite National Park during that period.

Trees, Snowy Ledge

Update: Late December 2017

I spent the final week of 2017 in New York City, surviving ridiculously cold conditions — at least from the perspective of this Californian! — and making many photographs of the city in the winter light.

Pedestrians, Lexington Avenue

Update: Late October 2017 (part 2)

Near the end of October I joined my Studio Nocturne SF colleagues to present a night photography Artspan 2017 Open Studio in San Francisco. It was a very successful event, and we donated several thousand dollars from the proceeds to support North Bay Wildfire relief efforts.

Hotel, Narrow Street

Update: Late October 2017 (part one)

In late October I was in the Yosemite area for the opening of a gallery show, and I took the opportunity to spend a few days in and around the park. This scene of wildfire smoke settling among forest trees in early light came from that visit.

Forest, Wildfire Smoke

Update: Early October 2017

During September and October I photographed a number of subjects in a variety of locations, many focusing on the autumn season. In early October I visited many places in the eastern Sierra to photograph (mostly) fall color.

Tall Autumn Aspen Trees

Update: Late September 2017

In late September — while many of you were starting your first week of classes — I headed out across California and Nevada (via highway 50, “the loneliest highway in America”) for my first visit to Great Basin National Park, a place I have wanted to explore and photograph for some time. I was fortunate to arrive on the heels of an early autumn snow storm, just as fall colors were getting started.

Wheeler Cirque, Autumn Snow

Update: Early September 2017

In early September I photographed in the Seattle area, doing street photography in Seattle and landscape photography in the North Cascades.

Storyville Coffee

Update: August/September 2017

At the end of August and beginning of September I joined a group of fellow photographers for more than a week of wilderness photography at a remote back-country location in the Eastern Sierra.

Alpenglow, Ridge and Valley

Update: August 2017

As always, I spent much of the summer period making photographs, often in the Sierra Nevada and especially in the Yosemite high country.

Morning Reflection