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Honors Addendum

The course section is not currently offered for honors credit. The following material has been left here for archival purposes.

Honors Credit Green Sheet Supplement

Honors students should regard the information on this page as being part of their official Music 1A course green sheet.

Students who have been admitted to the De Anza College Honors Program may enroll in my Music Appreciation classes for honors credit. Successful completion of a Music 1 honors project leads to a notation in your transcript that you completed the course for honors credit.

Earning honors credit from me indicates that you have achieved several important goals which may include:

  • Your work on regular class work is excellent and worthy of special note.
  • You have demonstrated the initiative to propose, research, and present to the class a relevant topic that I approve.
  • Your commitment to learning more about topics related to this course has led you to engage in substantial work beyond that completed by non-honors students.
  • You have worked as part of a team with other honors students. (Exceptions to this goal must be discussed with me.)
  • You have completed an approved project that demonstrates your engagement with the discipline of music.
  • Your project has demonstrated substantial engagement with the San Francisco Bay Area arts community. (Exceptions subject to approval.)
  • Your project demonstrates significant personal growth and learning.
  • Your presentation to the class is well-organized and informative.
  • Your project meets other requirements that we mutually agree to.

I do not have a predetermined list of specific projects that you may do for honors credit. One expectation for earning honors credit in Introduction to Music is that you, typically working with a team of other honors students, must research and propose an appropriate project for my approval, and that your proposal must include specific details concerning how you plan to complete the project and how you will present the results of your research/learning.

Collaborative work with other honors students in your section or one of my other sections is normally a requirement for earning honors credit in my Music 1 classes. I generally do not approve individual projects except in very unusual situations and only with specific advance agreement.

A typical timeline (subject to change) for an honors project includes:

  • Week 1: Students initiate a meeting with me to discuss their honors project. Collaborative working groups are established.
  • Week 2: Students meet with one another to determine the focus for their proposed project.
  • Week 3: Honors students initiate a meeting with me to discuss their specific project proposal and present a detailed written proposal including the topic, and expanded description, and an outline of the form of the presentation. I either approve it as proposed, approve it subject to certain modifications, or suggest alternatives – in which case changes must be finalized and approved no later than the start of week 4.
  • Week 4: If not already completed, students provide me with a one-page written outline of the details of the project. Note: If the nature and details of the proposed project have not been finalized by this point, prospective honors students may be transferred from the honors class section to one of the regular sections – in other words I may make a decision to not allow you to go forward on the honors credit track.
  • Weeks 4-9: Groups complete the work of the project.
  • Week 7: Progress check with instructor – The group will meet with me at least one more time approximately two weeks before their scheduled presentation date.
  • Week 9: Students initiate a meeting with me to report on their completed projects and to make final plans for their class presentation. (During a term with large numbers of honors projects, this may be moved up to week 8.)
  • Weeks 9-10: Projects are presented to Music 1A classes.

Honors project guidelines and scheduling are somewhat flexible, and may be changed during the term. Because there is a certain amount of flexibility in the design of honors projects, I may establish alternative requirements that are different from those listed above.

Consequences for failure to complete honors requirements

Individual students and groups that do not follow through on honors requirements or on their plans will not earn honors credit. In such cases, possible outcomes may include being transferred out of the honors section and into the regular class section (though this option is not necessarily available) or remaining in the honors section with a grade reduction of at least one letter grade such that the highest possible course grade with the honors designation will be a B, and a lower overall course grade is possible depending upon the quality of other course work.

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