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Music 1A Schedule Changes

Rather than push things too fast, I have decided to delay the date of test #1 by one class session. As a result there will be a secondary effect of delaying the week five quiz by one class session. The changes are described in the class calendar and summarized below.

  • Music 1A Test #1, originally scheduled for this Wednesday or Thursday will not take place this week. It will be delayed by one class session until next week, week five of the term.
  • The revised test #1 dates are as follows:
    • Monday/Wednesday class — Test on MONDAY, MAY 8.
    • Tuesday/Thursday class — Test on TUESDAY, MAY 9.
  • As a secondary effect of the changed test date, the week five quizzes will also be delayed by one class session — to Wednesday, May 10 for the MW class and to Thursday, May 11 for the TTh class.

One other important thing: During most college classes there are times when things are very busy and times when things are a bit slower. We are entering the busiest weeks of the term in Music 1A. While the regular study, quizzes, and homework continue, you are also preparing for the first test and you are attending your concert, writing and revising concert report drafts, and preparing to complete the report. It is due in two weeks.

Good news/bad news: The bad news? Things are about to become very busy! The good news? After you turn in the concert report things will become a lot less busy!


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