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Music 1A: Planning Ahead…

At our first class meeting earlier this week we took a look at (among other things) the Course Calendar. The calendar lists, week-by-week, almost everything that you need to focus on: assignments, deadlines, quizzes, reports, tests, and more. You need to develop a habit of checking it a few times per week, paying attention to…

  1. what is happening during the current week, and
  2. what is happening during the upcoming week, and
  3. when the major courses landmarks occur: tests, reports, etc.

When you check this week you will be reminded of a few things to complete this week plus some important work that must be completed for next week. Here is a brief summary:

  • This week
    • Obtain text and recordings. (Or use library reserve copies if you are waiting until next week to acquire your own copies.)
    • Complete and turn in the first week survey.
    • Select your grade access code on the grades page, using the instructions sent via email.
    • Begin your study of the week one study assignment, which includes material from this website (the concert report material), chapters in your text, and associated audio recordings.
    • Print out the first listening assignment — look for the link in the week two section of the calendar.
  • Next week
    • The first quiz is scheduled for your first class session next week, and it occurs immediately at the beginning of the period. Bring a Scantron, a #2 pencil, and arrive early. The quiz is based on the week one study assignment.
    • The first listening assignment is due at the start of your second class meeting in week two. You should have started work on this as you do your studying. Be sure to print out the assignment at the website, since you are required to answer the questions on the printed form. (You are also required to either staple the pages together or print them back-to-back. Unstapled separate sheets will not be accepted, and a paper clip or a folded corner is not a staple!)
    • As you work on the assignment, be sure to email the teacher if you have any questions.

The music that was playing before class today is from Three Pieces, by Steve Reich.


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