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Music 1A: Getting Started (Spring 2017)

Welcome to the spring 2017 Music 1A: Introduction to Music classes. The following list summarizes important information that will help you get started and succeed this quarter. We will touch on many of these things at the first class meeting, too.

Be sure to read the following at the class website:

  • First Week Checklist — A summary of things to take care of right away
  • Music 1A Syllabus — A “contract” between you and me describing important course policies
  • Music 1A Calendar — A week-by-week listing of material to study, quizzes, assignments, tests, and more
  • Concert Reports Page — The concert report is our major written assignment of the quarter, and the links on this page provide many details about the assignment

Important tasks for the first week

  • Bring a notebook and pen/pencil to every class. (Borrow paper and pen/pencil from a neighbor for today if necessary.)
  • Purchase the required text and required audio recordings — “Music: An Appreciation,” by Roger Kamien, 8th “Brief” paperback edition with accompanying audio recordings. The recordings are available from the bookstore as an audio DVD or by means of a download code card. (You may also use the 7th edition with its set of recordings — but be cautious about ordering online at this late date. You may hurt your chances for success in the class if you don’t have the materials by the end of this week.)
  • Talk to me if financial or other issues will delay your purchase of the text. 
  • Add the class right away if I gave you an add code. (Students who don’t use their add code within 24 hours may not be allowed to add — speak to me personally if your situation will require more time.)
  • Complete the first week survey on the calendar page — it is due at the start of the second class meeting.
  • Submit a grade access code on the website — watch for an email to all enrolled students soon.

Important policies

  • I take roll at the start of each class — right at 9:30. If you aren’t there I will record an unexcused absence for you. If you come in after I take roll, be sure to speak to me at the end of the period to change your absence to a tardy. (I’ll be “gentle” this week since parking is so bad. But not next week… ;-)
  • Excessive unexcused absences or late arrivals may cause you to be dropped from the class. (The syllabus has details.)
  • Cell phone use is strictly prohibited during class. If your phone is out or in use during class you will be asked to leave. (There is a specific exception for true emergency situations — I’ll explain it in class.)
  • Laptops/tablets may only be used by students sitting in the first two rows of the classroom.

Other notes

  • If you have a question about anything — the class, the college, etc. — just ask me, and I’ll try to help. If I don’t have the answer I may be able to find someone who does.
  • Let me know if you are confused or unsure about anything in the class. Remember that asking questions is a sign of an engaged student!

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