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A Note to Students Extending the Four-Day Break to Five Days

To students choosing to miss classes on this day before Thanksgiving… part of me understands. You may be getting together with family tomorrow. You may need to pack for travel. You may feel like so many others will be absent that “nothing important” will happen in classes today. In a few cases that may even be at least partially true.

On the other hand, we are quite close to the end of the term. There are only two more weeks of classes, followed immediately by final exams. Being absent today from a two-day-per-week class is to miss fully 20% of the remaining class sessions — at a time when we really don’t have an opportunity to extend deadlines. The work remains to be done, and missing today can’t help by make it more challenging for you.

For those who are here today, thanks. I think you are making a good choice. For those who are absent, while I (sort of) understand, you must recognize that you have some serious catching up to do, that you’ll have to do much of it on your own, and that some of it will be more difficult. At least minimize the loss by getting notes from someone who is in class today. Continue to work ahead on remaining studying and assignments.


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