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Music 1A: Week Seven Updates

  • Work continues on the process of grading your concert reports — it is a big job! I’m about half way through and still on track to finish them by the start of week eight.
  • As announced elsewhere on the website, last week’s homework assignment #4 will earn full credit (an A grade in your record!) for “completion.” This can happen on up to two assignments each quarter.
  • We are going to move very quickly in class this week, since I’m still going to try to keep us on schedule for the test #2 date listed in the class calendar. This is not a good week to miss class — but if you must, try to attend the alternate day’s class to catch up.
  • The Monday/Wednesday class will lose a day to the Memorial Day Holiday at the end of the month a couple of weeks from now. We all love holidays (yes, me, too!) but this will — again! — put some pressure on us to move forward efficiently during the final weeks of the term.
  • As announced last week, you earn full credit for this week’s re-take quiz, rather than only getting average of the two versions of the quiz.

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