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Music 1A: A Few Important Announcements

This is a summary of some Music 1A class issues that affect various students in either or both of my sections.


  • Test #2 focuses on Baroque and Classical era music.
  • For the Monday/Wednesday class only the test will be on Monday, November 16 — this is a changed date from what was originally in the calendar. (That day’s scheduled quiz will be delayed until the following meeting.
  • For the Tuesday/Thursday class only the test will be on Thursday, November 12, as originally scheduled.


As I have mentioned in class, we have a new schedule challenge this quarter. In addition to losing class days as a result of two holidays in November, final exams begin one day earlier than they used to this quarter. For this reason, there will be considerable time pressure between now and the end of the term. In some cases I will be able to provide only minimal classroom coverage of some important subjects, and this will make it extra important that you study the text carefully and familiarize yourself well with the recorded music examples.


  • I plan to return graded concert reports next Wednesday and Thursday, two weeks after they were due. At that point you will be able to best determine whether or not completing the second optional concert report is in your best interests.
  • Some of you may already know that you want to do the second report — you missed the first one, handed in a partial report, wrote the final draft with too much haste, etc. You could attend a concert as soon as this weekend.
  • If you decide to do the optional second report after receiving your graded paper, you may need to select a concert immediately. There will likely be very few concerts on the weekend before it is due since that is Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Any student who wants a passing grade in grade in the class and who did not do the first report or who earns an F on it, must complete the optional second report. Passing grades are not awarded to students who fail to earn a non-F grade on at least one concert report. (Note that earning a passing grade also requires non-F grades on at least two tests. There will be an opportunity near the end of the term for students who have an F grade on a test to improve that grade.)


There is a possibility of earning some extra credit during the final weeks of the term. I’ll share more information about this in class over the next week or so.


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