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Music 1A: Week 3 Notes (1/21/15)

Here are a few highlights and reminders for Music 1A students:

  • I have uploaded assignment #2 for students using the current 8th edition of the text — versions for both the 7th and 8th editions are now linked from the assignments page and the course calendar. (This assignment is due next week, so it is now time to start working on it.)
  • Due to this week’s Monday holiday, we’ll need to move a bit faster than usual in the MW class this week. (The MW class loses two sessions to Monday holidays this quarter.)
  • It is time for action on the concert report assignment! Your ideal times to attend a concert will be this coming weekend and the following weekend. To wait longer than that is to risk getting into a very tight spot and compromising your work on this important assignment. (If cost, travel distance, a busy schedule, and other factors limit your concert options it is even more important that you go early — I urge you to go this weekend.)
  • The concert list will continue to updated perhaps twice per week, so check back often.

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