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Week Eleven Reminders

Today begins the final full week of the 2014 spring term at De Anza College. (Next Monday, June 23 is the final regular class day, and final exams follow on June 24-27.)  Here are a few reminders for students in my classes:

  • Final Exam Schedules – Check the online course calendar for your class (found at this website) to confirm that day and time of your final exam session. All of my classes do have final exams and your attendance is required. Final exams are not at the same time/day as your regular class meetings.
  • Study Early and Study Often and Regularly – Especially in my Music 1A classes we have considered the critical importance of having an organized approach to studying and of beginning your study early.
  • “Get it done first. Make it better later” – This is an important philosophy for students working on electronic music projects. It is common to feel like you are making great progress (and you probably are!) only to find that the finishing work on the project takes longer than you expected. It is also possible to feel that you have so much time when you start that  you can afford to focus excessively on small details. But it is most important that you complete a project that meets requirements, and you don’t want to spend so much time on details that you risk not finishing. Work toward completion first, and then use any remaining time to make improvements.
  • Stay on Top of Your Schedule – Earlier in the term it is easier to catch up if you get behind, but we have a hard stop at the end of finals week, at which point I must submit grades.
  • Submit any remaining work and any available extra credit assignments on time.
  • Remember, vacation is only a couple of weeks away – Avoid the temptation to put off work you need to do now, or to give in to the end-of-term pressures and let work go unfinished. It can help to remind yourself that good work done now can be especially important and that summer vacation (only two weeks away!) can be the reward for completing your work during these final weeks of the term.
  • DO NOT MISS FINAL EXAM SESSIONS – You should never miss a final exam unless you encounter an extreme and unavoidable last-minute dire emergency. Let your family and your employer and others know about your exam schedule now and tell them that it is critical that you attend your exams. If the unexpected happens and you have a real emergency, contact your teacher immediately to see what your options are — and if a make-up exam is possible, be prepared to adjust the rest of your schedule to make that happen. (Students who miss final exam sessions and do not contact me immediately are subject to the possibility of a failing grade in their class… and neither you nor I want that outcome!)

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