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Music 1A: Week 10 Notes

  • Grades have been updated to include recent homework and quizzes. Note that on the past two quizzes you earned the higher of the original or retake quiz grades, rather than the average of the two.
  • This morning I made the final update to the concert list for this quarter. If you plan to do the second optional concert report and you have not attended an event yet, the events now on the list are what you have to work with.
  • Absences from this point forward are risky. As we get closer to the current time it becomes more likely that I may introduce important material in class that is not covered in the text.
  • This week’s quiz for the Monday/Wednesday class will likely be delayed until Wednesday rather than taking place on Monday. The quiz for the Tuesday/Thursday class will likely be on Tuesday as scheduled.
  • Looking ahead one week, note that two homework assignments are due in week 11. One is due at the first class meeting of the week and the other is due at the second meeting.
  • At your final regular class meeting before the final exam session there will be an opportunity to take the “re-take” version of the final quiz of the term.
  • De Anza College concerts eligible for extra credit are listed on the extra credit page. Most of them happen very soon, so don’t wait to check the list and schedule your events.
  • Extra credit event written reviews are always due no later than the start of your next class following the event—I do not accept any late extra credit reviews. (Note that you may email me the reviews, in which case you’ll need to get support materials such as programs and tickets to me at the next meeting.)
  • Check the course calendar to confirm the date and time of your final exam session during week 12.
  • The Week X, XI, and XII sections of the online course calendar describe important deadlines for various things you may do to maximize your course grade. Review these right away. Among them are opportunities to:
    1. Re-submit one homework assignment from #1-8.
    2. Re-take on earlier test. (Primarily of interest to students with a failing text grade.)
    3. Turn in the second optional report.

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