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Music 1A: Memorial Day Holiday and Schedule Changes

(Note: This message was originally posted last week, but I have moved it up to the top of the home page on Tuesday, May 27, and updated some of the text so that it makes sense in the context of the re-post.)

Last week in both the Monday-Wednesday and Tuesday-Thursday Music 1A classes I discussed the possibility that I would have to alter portions of the upcoming schedule related to test #2 and week 8 homework and quiz dates. I now have a much better idea of where we are after the May 21 Monday-Wednesday class meeting and I have decided on the following. Note that the changes primarily affect the Monday/Wednesday class, and that things will continue according to plan for the Tuesday/Thursday class.


We will need some additional time for my class presentation on the classical era on Wednesday, May 28. We’ll also move forward to start looking at Romantic era music by the end of the period on that day.

  • There WILL be a quiz during week 8, but it will be on Wednesday, May 28 since there is no class on Monday, May 26
  • The homework assignment will be due on Wednesday, May 28 as scheduled.
  • The test that was scheduled for Wednesday, May 28 will be delayed until the following class on Monday, June 2.
  • As a result of the delayed test, the week 9 quiz that would have been on Monday, June 2 will take place at the following class meeting on Wednesday, June 4.
  • At that point we should be mostly back to the usual schedule and no other changes are anticipated.


In short, nothing changes from the original schedule, so…

  • There will be a quiz as scheduled on Tuesday, May 27
  • The homework assignment will be due on Thursday, May 29 as scheduled
  • The test will take place on Thursday, May 29 as scheduled.
  • There are no changes at this time for the following week 9 schedule.



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