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Music 1A: Last-Minute Concerts

During the past couple of class sessions I asked how many of you had already attended your concerts for the concert report assignment. (It is due at your first class next week!) I was encouraged to see how many have attended their events sufficiently ahead of the due date. There were only a handful of students in the two classes who had not yet attended.

If you have not yet attended your concert… visit the concert list (link at top of page) right now and select an event from those listed there. At this point it is unlikely that any additional events will be added between now and the report deadline. Since you waited, you may not be able to find an event that is a convenient, inexpensive, or appealing as some that were available earlier… but you’ll have to work with what is available now.

Pick the earliest event you can find that works with your schedule. There are many reasons for this, and quite a few dangers if you continue to wait until, say, Sunday. For example:

  • The number of events to choose from will likely be extremely limited.
  • You may have to attend an event that is far away and/or expensive and/or at an awkward time.
  • If something interferes with your last-minute attendance (change in your schedule, traffic issues interfering with your arrival at the event, concert cancelled or sold out) you may not have any “fall back” position, and your report will be late.*
  • You will create unnecessary pressure on yourself as you try to both attend the concert and write the report at the very last minute.

* Late papers are accepted, however there is a grade penalty for late work of one full letter grade per day.

For those who have already attended a concert… 

  • Congratulations for taking care of this well before the due date! :-)
  • If you haven’t already done so, today you should take your cryptic and rough notes from the event and at least turn them into sentences before you forget the actual experience of being at the concert.
  • Soon after you do that, create an actual first draft and begin the process of reading it critically, editing and checking for errors, and generally making it as good as you can.
  • As you do this, be sure to ask questions! If you would like me to review a draft of all or part of the report, set up an appointment with me right away. (This Thursday – tomorrow! – may be the last opportunity for us to meet.)

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